Why ALTBroadband?

We are a nationwide Wireless Internet Service Provider, and we have access to the 4 major wireless carriers towers to supply last mile connectivity. Unlike options from the wireless carriers, our Wireless Internet Service is superior for the following reasons:

Unlimited Access

Truly NO Data Limit or Data Restrictions. We do not limit the amount of GB’s you can download, we do not throttle you at anytime. We do not limit HD video.

Priority Access

Business grade 4G LTE at affordable prices. Our connection to the tower has priority over standard hotspot and prepaid data connections, providing you the best connection and lowest latency.

No carrier IP Address

Our connection is routed from the cellular tower to our own datacenters, where we assign you an IP address from your local community that is owned by ALTBroadband.

Why is this important? When you connect with websites, or streaming media services, when using a normal 4g LTE connection from the major carriers, your traffic has an outbound IP address from the carrier and all of your traffic looks like mobile LTE traffic. A number of websites will then redirect you automatically to a mobile version of the site, and many streaming media services will restrict or block your access to things like live TV streams. If you are able to get live TV streams when on a carriers connection, chances are you will not get a live stream from your local area, but instead from a major metro area like Atlanta, New York, Etc. ALTBroadband assigns you a local IP address, so you get the correct versions of website content, local streaming media, and local search results on search engines. Our service will be just like having a local fixed line connection – but actually be faster, more stable, and wireless.

No NAT Issues

Ever tried to use Xbox, PlayStation or other gaming devices on normal 4G LTE connections? Usually you will have two-way audio or multiplayer games issues because the major carriers have strict NAT and do not allow port forwarding or other networking services. Not with ALTBroadband – since your connection goes through our network core and then out to you, on our own IP’s – you will not have any issues with NAT / UPNP or port forwarding. Additionally, we can assign static IP’s to your connection.

Static IP’s Available

At no additional cost, ALTBroadband will assign a static IP to your connection. You can use the static IP to host things connected behind your router like security cameras, small servers, file sharing, and more. All ports are open by default, and you can manage port mapping, DMZ, etc. We can even customize your PTR if needed for business applications!

Advanced Internet Security Included

We monitor and block abusive and annoying online advertising. Are you tired of popups, and ads that try to redirect to fake websites, fake news, or try to force you to download dangerous applications? We block that by default!

Full Parental Controls

Launching in Q2 2019 – Limit access to certain websites or applications, get full reports on internet usage and more.